135 South Halcyon Road Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Application FAQ

Can I apply for a property without viewing?

No.  We do not rent sight unseen.  You must view a property prior to paying any processing fee or approval.

How do I schedule an appointment to view a property?

-Each person age 18 and older must submit a completed application and then we will schedule a viewing.

Can I use my application for more than one property?

Yes.  You can apply towards any two properties currently advertised at the same time.

Do I have to use a social security number?

Yes.  We will consider your application “incomplete” without a Social Security number.

What if I have bad or no credit?

Your application is based on income verification, credit history, and rental history.  If you have bad credit or no credit, you can still qualify for a rental.

Do you take section 8 or Housing Assistance?

Yes.  Some of our properties will consider section 8 or Housing assistance.  These properties will be noted with an asterisk (**) behind the property description in any of our advertisements. All other properties won’t accept Section 8.

Do you accept animals?

Sometimes.  It will be noted in our advertisement if a property will accept an animal.  If accepted, there is an additional $500 Security Deposit, per pet, if accepted.

If the animal is an ESA animal, written proof from your current, licensed, mental health professional on their letterhead for your animal is required before your application is fully processed and the additional $500 security deposit is waived.  This is regardless of the age of the person needing the ESA.

If your physical service animal helps you with a physical need that is not immediately perceived, similar paperwork is required from your current, licensed, medical health professional on their letterhead in order for the same courtesy as an ESA would receive. This is regardless of the age of the person needing the ESA.

How much is your application fee?

Our fee is $15 for each applicant age 18 and older.

What do I need to qualify for a property?

Rental eligibility is based on income, employment verification, rental history and credit history.  All of these are considered during our screening process.

Where do I turn in my application?

You can bring in your application to our office located at 135 S. Halcyon Rd. in Arroyo Grande, CA or you can fax it to us at 805-489-0883.

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes.  All deposits are fully refundable if the property is properly cleaned and there are no outstanding balances on your account.

Can I have a cosigner?

Yes, if you are a full time student. That means 12+ units at any educational institution.

What does a co-signer have to provide?

$15 cash, proof of their income (same type as for potential tenants), and our co-signer form that is duly notarized by a Notary Public.  All these things need to be mailed/overnighted to us at our physical address.  No faxes, emails, or payment other than cash is acceptable.

When can I move in?

If approved, the applicant will need to take possession of the property within two weeks of acceptance or two weeks from the date at which the property is vacated unless otherwise agreed upon.