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Welcome to B&W Property Management

B&W Property Management is a full service Property Management Company that has been serving the San Luis Obispo, Five Cities, and Santa Maria areas since 1979 under the same ownership.

B&W Property Management is flexible enough to handle each property according to the specific needs of our clients. This flexibility enhances the profitable operation of the property while relieving the owner of the administrative burdens. By using our services, clients are beneficially serviced in the following areas:

Property Review: An initial review of the documents pertaining to the property, rents, rental agreement, insurance coverage, etc. is made. The property is inspected, and then recommendations to improve the clients financial position are offered. All properties are constantly reviewed to maintain them at market value.

Unit Rental: Prospective tenants are screened through credit and reference checks. Monthly rents are collected, and they are maintained at completive levels with other local rental rates.

Payment: All bills, utilities, taxes, loan payments, insurance, etc., can be paid for you. If there is excess money at the end of the month, it can be sent to you or be deposited directly to your account.

Maintenance: Maintenance calls are received by us and responded to promptly. When possible, staff members handle the repairs rather than pay more expensive contractor's wages, resulting in savings to the owner. For larger expenditures, such as roof replacement, savings are achieved by obtaining several competitive bids. Preventatives maintenance is less expensive in the long run; therefore, periodic property inspections are made. If potential problems are found, the owner is alerted and recommendations are made.

Accounting: Monthly statements are sent giving a complete accounting of the income and expenditure for the month, plus an accumulative statement showing the year-to-date totals. This gives the owners a monthly picture of how their property is doing, as well as a year-to-date picture of the property.

Bob Wood, owner of B&W Property Management, is a licensed Real Estate Broker and member of the California Apartment Association, Institute of Real Estate Management, Community Association Institute, Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce, Pismo Coast Association of Realtors, and community volunteer.

Call B&W Property Management at 805.489.0864 and let a professional show you how to maximize your investment potential.